The Richard Hess Spirit of Creativity Award

Chris Bomely

“This felt real. Like I was watching something happen that I haven't seen before. Personally, I have zero interest in costume manufacturing, however, this spot made me want to care, it made me interested in it. And it paid off. It delivered the perfect little story, in a perfect little way. Beautiful.”

Derek Ring

“I had never thought much about the costuming when watching a stage play, but this video created an engaging chronicle into the effort that goes into the creation and life of just one small bit of a stage production. I wouldn't have believed I could be moved by the retirement of a single garment.”

Kirsten Modestow

“What a delightful story. Content that is not totally up my alley was transformed into content that was compelling to watch, curious, magical, and totally entertaining. I thought the layering and the storytelling was rich and delightful. See? Taking chances does pay off.”

Lisa Kelsey

“This video showcasing the costume shop at UCONN, followed the making of a costume from concept to fruition on the stage and then to storage on the rack. The overlay of words and graphics delivered the perfect amount of extra detail to keep the narrative focused and informative. This plus great editing and pacing made for an exciting portrayal of the craft of costume-making.”

Mark Hess

“Who would have believed, before seeing this vid, that a usually back stage, unseen (and probably little thought about) craft discipline could be so enthralling and lovingly described. The sense of team, of talent and attention to detail are beautifully expressed in this highly creative and involving short. The overlays of typographic elements and wonderful story telling captures your attention and actually educates you in a joyful and spirited method about something you probably didn't know would interest you. Fine lighting, great cutting, sound design and focus on the chronological start-to-finish aspect of this film add up to something very special.”