Judges' Awards

Derek Ring

TEDMED 2014 Book

“I was quickly attracted to this volume that had a tactile cover that just begged to be touched. Upon opening it, I found page after page of beautiful design dovetailed with inspiring, effortless illustration. I was amazed at the content, quality and diligence of this piece.”

Lisa Kelsey

2015 Film Festival Calendar

“I love getting things in the mail that have what I like to call a keepsake quality--it's just so cool that even when whatever its referring to is out of date you still want to hang on to it. This promo [announcement?] fits the bill in every way. Since it's in the form of a calendar its even better, because it's useful beyond its own purpose--that of advertising a film festival [please check since I don't remember what this was actually for]. Everything from the clever illustrations, the design and typography, to the ticket stub format is well thought out and fits together into a seamless concept. This piece has a retro feel that really appeals to this movie buff and from January to December I wouldn't get tired of looking at it on my bulletin board.”

Mark Hess

Legends Potato Chips Illustration

“The wholly unexpected whimsey and simple depiction of lighthearted subjects relating to the flavors not always associated with potato chips is refreshing and attractive; which, added to the retro-based complementary typography/graphic treatment creates a strong brand identity hard to ignore. The illos capture a wood-cut, hand painted mentality which suggests a simpler bygone time perfect for, and rarely used, in this product segment. They are simple, color restrained, decorative, tell-a-story, and are so spontaneous and hand-made looking that they feel like old friends.”

Kirsten Modestow

Surviving College: Parent Edition

“It’s important to be reminded that even simple, low production pieces can be extraordinary. When something is well written, well conceived, and well designed, all you need is a couple of colors and a simple stock to create an impactful piece. Within a crowd of complex websites and high-production print items, this piece rose to the top for reminding me that good work is just good work.”

Chris Bomely

Regis Field Guide

“I chose this piece for a simple reason. IT WAS BAD ASS! It made what could've very well been an extremely tough project, (College enrollment mailers) and made it fun, engaging, and even informative, (who would've thought!) It was beautifully designed, it was amazingly written, and the attention to detail was in every single element. This small (in size) but mighty book had it all; beautiful type, stunning photography, perfect illustrations, stickers and even sunscreen, F%$&@ Sunscreen! Perfect! Loved it!”