Best in Show

Chris Bomely

“These spots stood out head and shoulders above all the others. It literally made me, and all the judges frankly, want more. The tone, was perfect. To do this level of storytelling takes amazing skill, and the team that executed these spots deserves Best in show, this was quality storytelling at its best.”

Derek Ring

“This series of videos delved into lives that would usually go unexamined. The honesty and the method of using clean design to slowly reveal information created a real sense of empathy. This was a truly moving and inspiring series.”

Kirsten Modestow

“These spots emotionally connected with me. I thought the people were extraordinary and the storytelling was beautifully done. When I think about the concept of a school using stories and graduates as a sales tool it makes me nervous – but these spots nailed it. I was enveloped by these stories and I wanted to celebrate each person. When it was over, I was left teary and reflective – with a newfound appreciation for University of Connecticut and it’s graduates. Well done.”

Lisa Kelsey

“Hearing the voices of the subjects while watching "silent" film of them in environments created a powerful experience of connection for me. It was as if I could observe the subjects as individuals with no distractions—not having to "watch" them speak--while at the same time hearing them tell their stories in their own words. The subjects talked about their past struggles as we watched their current selves on film—this created a kind of condensing of time and space which highlighted their triumphs--I found that fascinating.”

Mark Hess

“Evincing the back stories of various UCONN students or alumni is the backbone of this series, but what stands out is the incredible emotion and empathy these films engender. The story telling is second to none; the set-ups and cinematography extraordinary, and the production value overall is exemplary. Each story seems to be so honest, so revealing, and yet even when heart wrenching you actually fall in love with each of the central characters. It's remarkable to produce even one such video, but a series where all are as strong as each other; that's amazing. As documents that bring life to a human story few others have produced content so brilliantly.”